Soft fruits are one of the delights of the English summer. They’re available from us throughout the season … starting with gooseberries and strawberries, and continuing with raspberries and currants.

If you choose to pick your own, there’s no bending and back breaking to select the strawberries. Gone is the ‘straw’ traditionally spread on the soil to protect the berries. Now our fruit is grown on table-top beds which means there are 3 acres of strawberries which is equivalent to around ten acres on the ground.

Our range of strawberries is chosen for flavour and shelf life, including such favourites as Elsanta, Vibrant, Elegance, Sonata and Florence. You can pick you own from late May to early August. Or you purchase them in our farm shop – or in local retailers where they are available within a few hours of being picked.

We have five acres planted with different varieties of raspberries to take you right through the season – from Glen Ample and Tullameen to the late-season favourite Autumn Bliss.

claire and robert with geese

claire and robert with geese

geese marks and spencer
geese in field
strawberries seldom seen
bronze turkeys seldom seen