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No Christmas is complete without a traditional roast goose. It offers a marvellous change from the usual turkey and is the only seasonal bird available today.

At a time when we are more and more aware of what we eat and how it is produced, how reassuring it is to know that the goose is traditionally reared, free of additives and chemicals, and will do us nothing but good.

Our geese are hatched in May and June, grazed on grass throughout the summer and are fed on home grown corn. They spend most of their lives outside and so are truly free range.

Our geese are hand plucked and hung for 10 days for a more traditional flavour and their golden skin is reflective of our home grown Leicestershire corn on which they feed.

And if you need a goose or a turkey for before Christmas, we can organize that. Otherwise the geese and turkeys are for collection from the farm from Dec 20 until noon on the 24 December.  

We’ve been pleased to source geese from Seldom Seen Farm for the past 10 years. We value the care and pride which Claire and Robert take in rearing their geese out on free range all day. We know we can rely on them for ‘A top quality product beautifully presented.’
Marks & Spencer

To order your goose or turkey please call us on 0116 259 6742

We like to talk to our customers to ensure we’re supplying the right type and weight of bird in perfect condition ready for cooking. We look forward to welcoming you to Seldom Seen Farm.
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